All City Showdown 8

ACS 8 Sk8rats

This year I was lucky enough to roll around with the Sk8rats again, and as always, they did not disappoint. With a last minute roster change, The Sk8rats subbed in Brandon Taylor for Mikey Burton, who unfortunately had to drop out of the contest. What ensued was some of the most impressive skateboarding I’ve seen go down in one day.

Jordan Sanchez Wallride

Jordan Sanchez Pole Ride.

Brandon Eggplant


The first stop was the Sorcery house to drop off the cars and assemble the Sk8rats crew in the van, and of course for the obligatory backyard vert ramp session. This thing is 8 feet tall with like 2 feet of vert, needless to say, not very user friendly (check the video of the drunk girl who breaks her pelvis trying to drop in). What’s surprising is how effortlessly Brandon and his roommates skate this thing. After a few quick clips on the ramp it was time to get started on what would turn out to be the most impressive day of skateboarding I’ve ever seen.

One of the most interesting things about All City is that it has become a team contest. Along with the fact that it’s a street oriented skateboarding contest, the team aspect brings a whole new level of strategy to the otherwise “anti-team sport” mentality of skateboarding. This became evident when David got hurt trying to Ollie over a sketchy handrail. Apparently a torn meniscus isn’t as bad as it sounds, because he was able to still land the trick before hopping back into the van and realizing something was seriously wrong with his knee.

David Perry Backside Noseblunt

David Perry powers through a torn meniscus from the last spot to get this Backside Noseblunt.

Brandon Kickflip

Brandon with a quick ollie up a curb to this kickflip that none of us thought was possible.

Brandon Bob

Bob Drop Boardslide. (click to view)

“All City Showdown is a true street skating contest. Spots, cracks, rough ground, weather, security, pedestrians, cops, traffic and a time limit. Everyone leaves the shop at 11 and comes back 7 to hand in their footage. Its that simple.

All City Showdown is brought to you by 35th North skate shop Monster and Cons, is a new twist from years past. 3 skaters,1 flimer and 8 hours to collect footage. All the tapes that are turned in at the end of the day are only seen by the
All City judges and the editors until the day of the premiere. Difficulty of tricks, number of spots, quality of spots, style, creativity all are taken into account when deciding the winners. All City highlights the very best in the North West skate scene and is entirely put on and ran by skateboarders.

“No city in the world is getting crushed as hard as Seattle during All City Showdown.”

-The All City Showdown Staff

Jordan crooked grind to fakie

Jordan crooked grind to fakie.

FS Wallride

FS Wallride.

Garfield High School is always a fun place to watch during the contest. There’s usually at least two teams there trying crazy stuff. When we showed up, the Sorcery kids had already set one of their ramps against the wall, and Lukas Miller was dropping into the vert wall (this used to be a film-able single trick) just to get enough speed to skate the wallride that they had set up. Right…

Brandon acid drop

Acid Drop.

Backside 5050

Backside 5050.

The time was running out and we found ourselves at Seattle Central, the familiar last spot for many ACSers. Unfortunately, the cops had already put a stop to most of the skating on the double set in front. Sneaking around back to the fifteen stair rail is not really an option with a crew of 10 people, and before Brandon could even get a roll up, the cops came around and said something to the effect of “Skate this – get arrested.” This didn’t really discourage Brandon, who had been toying with the idea of Back 50ing the rail all day. So when the cops started walking down the corner (they were still within 50 feet of the rail), Brandon decided to give it a go. Luckily one try was all he needed, rolling away and past the cops who I don’t think had even realized what had happened.

Although all of the guys on the team (Jordan Sanchez, David Perry, Brandon Taylor and Filmer Shane Auckland) were consistently killing it all day, a standout showing from the resident stuntman Brandon is what really sealed the deal and took home the victory for the Sk8rats. All City is always a blast, and it seems to keep getting better and better every year. Thanks to Tony @ 35th North and all of the Sponsors. Check out the full video here. See you all next year!

Muk Mini

Went and skated the new Mini Ramp at the Muk, its a must to check out! Thanks Kristin!